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Military Academy Nominations

Thank you for your interest in the US Service Academies and military service for our country. As your representative in Congress, I have the privilege of nominating a limited number of people to four of the five service academies. The honor of attending a service academy comes with an obligation and commitment to serve in the military for a minimum of five years upon graduation. For more information, please visit my page that has frequently asked questions for those seeking a US Service Academy nomination. I am wishing you all the best as you begin this process and pursue your goal of attending one of the US Service Academies.

To request a Service Academy Nomination through my office, please download the complete the form below and submit it to my Utica Office along with the other required documents listed below. Contact my Utica office at 315-732-0713 with any questions.

Downloadable forms:
2021 Military Service Academy Nomination Packet
2021 Military Service Academy Application
2021 Military Service Academy Applicant Recommendation Form

  1. Application form – Complete, sign, and attach your photograph. Application forms for 2021 are available here.

  2. Letters of Recommendation – Ask your high school counselor or principal to provide a letter of recommendation as well as two other letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, employers, or someone who knows you well. Have the individuals send the letter to you in a sealed envelope with their signature across the seal. Download recommendation form here.

  3. Transcript –  Obtain a copy of your official school transcript through your school’s counselor or principal. Please ensure the transcript includes your course listing and grades through the end of your junior year, your current Grade Point Average (GPA) and class rank (if provided by your school) and SAT/ACT scores (if provided by your school). The official transcript should be returned to you in a sealed envelope with a signature across the seal. If you school will not provide a transcript directly to you, have the school mail the transcript to my Utica Office (430 Court Street, Suite 102, Utica, NY 13502) with a note reflecting this policy.

  4. Standardized Test Results – To have ACT / SAT scores forwarded to our office directly from the testing center, please use the following code: XXXX. Many transcripts include standardized test scores and if so, that will be sufficient.  This is not a requirement for the application, but if you do have the test scores available they should be included.

  5. Essay – In two pages, please describe what motivates you to attend a service academy and become an officer in the US military.  

  6. Deadline – Completed application packets must be received in my Utica office by COB on November 1, 2021. No exceptions will be made.

    1. Return address for completed applications:
      Congresswoman Claudia Tenney
      Attn: Service Academy Coordinator
      430 Court Street
      Suite 102
      Utica, NY 13502

  7. Interviews – Nomination interviews will be set up individually and a representative from my office reach out to you individually to set up a meeting time.

Important Note to Applicant: To be considered for a nomination, applicant must initiate a pre-candidate file at each Academy to which they are seeking a nomination.