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I’m committed to supporting policies that increase competition and connectivity. Every New Yorker needs to have access to a robust marketplace of broadband options. In addition, we must lay the groundwork for new technologies, such as 5G, that promise connectivity for a lower cost. To accomplish these objectives, I am supporting a package of bills in Congress that will deliver real results if passed. My plan unleashes private sector innovation to foster competition and bring costs down while boosting resources for rural and underserved communities.
My priority in Congress is to expand your access to affordable, quality healthcare. There are many ways to do this, including by fostering greater competition in the marketplace. This would mean more choices for patients, better quality care for everyone, and lower prices that families can afford. I am also working to deliver more resources and support to rural hospitals in our district, which we rely on for care and services. I am committed to working with Republicans and Democrats alike to find solutions that increase competition and improve access and quality.
My priorities are to support law enforcement and bring our communities back together. We must move beyond the divisive and damaging rhetoric, mend the relationships between police and the communities they serve, and give our police officers the legal protections and tools they need to safely and effectively do their job. To accomplish these objectives, I will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Below are bills in Congress I support to advance real solutions.
Setting the Record Straight

My goal in Congress is to be as transparent as possible, and that includes sharing the real truth about the bills and proposals being promoted in Washington. Often times, there is more than meets the eye on many of the ideas coming from the federal government, which is why I am setting the record straight. Below you will find helpful fact sheets that dispel some of the biggest myths being pushed in the legislative ideas and national proposals. 

America’s veterans have put so much on the line to defend our great Nation and safeguard our freedoms. As the mother of an active-duty Marine officer, I understand the sacrifices that are made by our servicemembers and their families each day. That’s why one of my top priorities in Congress is to ensure every American servicemember and veteran is well-equipped and properly supported, whether they are serving actively or returning to civilian life.

Every month I will be holding virtual seminars for residents of New York's 22nd Congressional District, local elected officials, and other interested stakeholders to receive updates and information directly from federal agencies and offices in Washington and around the country. There are so many existing federal resources and programs available to our community and I am committed to making sure you have the information to fully utilize them. Below you will find an archive of seminars from previous months.

The agriculture industry is the backbone of our region and has driven our economy for generations. The 22nd District is home to over 4,300 farms and 7,400 producers. These enterprises are engines of our Upstate economy that provide jobs to local workers and fill our groceries and schools with nutritious local products. As you know, farms are also family-run businesses. 94% of the farms in the 22nd Congressional District are family owned and operated.