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Congresswoman Tenney: President Biden is not up to role of Commander-in-Chief and should resign

August 19, 2021

Utica, New York – Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) today released the following statement reiterating her call for President Joseph R. Biden to resign from office following his mishandling of the crisis in Afghanistan and complete failure to execute his duties effectively as Commander-in-Chief.

"In addition to a full congressional inquiry, which must happen immediately, today I am reiterating my call for President Biden to resign from office following his unilateral, reckless retreat from Afghanistan.

"His mishandling of this crisis shatters all confidence in his ability to serve as our Commander-in-Chief, which is any president’s most sacred responsibility. As American lives hang in the balance, our president has been isolated from his advisors and asleep at the wheel. As the situation deteriorated rapidly, President Biden only spent a few hours at the White House managing the crisis. Until recently, he hadn't even spoken with a single world leader about the situation, even though our NATO allies have a robust presence in Afghanistan.

"A full investigation will ultimately determine whether President Biden’s disastrous handling of the crisis was the result of incompetence or some other cause. But even without this investigation, we can already reach the informed conclusion based on the available evidence and facts that President Biden is not up to the challenge of responding effectively to a national security emergency.

"As our adversaries watch on, one can only imagine they have determined America is vulnerable right now. The American people are at risk, and we cannot afford to wait for the next crisis to strike. President Biden is not up to role of Commander-in-Chief and should resign."