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Community Project Funding Requests FY22

I am committed to advocating for the needs of our local communities throughout the congressional district. This year, the House Appropriations Committee has implemented a new Community Project Funding initiative that allows Members of Congress to directly address the most significant needs of the communities we represent. To that end, each congressional office is allowed to submit 10 local project requests. Below is a complete list of Community Project Funding submissions made by my office to the House Appropriations Committee. Please call my Washington office if you have any questions!

On April 29 and April 30, Congresswoman Tenney submitted the following to the Appropriations Committee under the Community Project Funding Program. These projects will be evaluated by the Committee to potentially be funded under the 2022 Fiscal Year Appropriations.

*Projects are listed in alphabetical order

Proposed Recipient: City of Binghamton
Project TitleCity of Binghamton- New Fire Headquarters
Recipient Address: 38 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY 13901
Amount Requested: $1,000,000
Explanation of Request: This project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds and is a priority because the current headquarters for the fire department was recently found to be structurally unsound. Given the critical importance of the fire department to community safety, the completion of a new, safe headquarters for the fire department is a top priority for the city. The construction of the new fire headquarters has benefits for all city residents, since they rely on the fire department to be able to quickly respond to emergencies. The new facility will allow the department to safely store and maintain equipment. The project also moves the department out of City Hall, which also houses the headquarters of the police department. This will be critical in ensuring the continuity of public safety service in the event City Hall is ever compromised by an emergency or natural disaster. Furthermore, the new facility has positive benefits for the emergency personnel who work in the fire department. This new space will have a decontamination room, which will prevent hazardous toxins from spreading throughout the facility, reducing the chance that firefighters are exposed to dangerous carcinogens after a fire.


Proposed Recipient: City of Rome
Project TitleGriffiss-Woodhaven Revitalization Project
Recipient Address: 198 North Washington Street, Rome, NY 13440
Amount Requested: $15,500,000
Explanation of Request: This project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds that will address the critical infrastructure needs of redeveloping the 100+ acre site to support the booming job growth within the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, the United States Department of Defense investments into the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RI0, Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) and Defense Finance and Accounting Agency (DFAS), and the flourishing silicon carbide semiconductor ecosystem at Marcy Nanocenter. The infrastructure improvements will result in a total complete street overhaul to acknowledge the alternative transportation methods being utilized on a day-to-day basis within the project area. It will also implement the largest smart growth project that the City of Rome (possibly Upstate New York) has ever experienced. The project will also include the preservation of open space and will establish a strong connection between 2 vital community greenways which will strengthen the development while supporting the existing surrounding communities. All of these benefits are the foundation blocks of Smart Growth Principles.

Proposed Recipient: City of Utica
Project TitleUtica Harbor Pedestrian Bridge
Recipient Address: Utica City Hall, 1 Kennedy Plaza, Utica, NY 13502
Amount Requested: $2,000,000
Explanation of Request: The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds since through crossing the CSX tacks it would become a pivotal element in the city’s plan for Utica Harbor, a multimillion-dollar plan that is a keystone of the city’s development plan and one that has broad public support. It will also improve access from the city to the harbor which is part of the larger Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor and the Erie canal which is listen on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Proposed Recipient: 
CNY Defense Alliance
Project TitleSkyDome Trusted Smart-X Experimentation Environment
Recipient Address: 584 Phoenix Drive, Rome NY 13441
Amount Requested: $200,000
Explanation of Request: The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds since it would build a capability that replicates electromagnetically, physically, and digitally, a reconfigurable area of interest such as a city block in a modern metropolitan area or airport or military base. This “living lab” will facilitate experimenting with technologies, understanding their capabilities and limitations including interoperability, reliability and cyber security vulnerabilities. It will also support connections and collaboration opportunities to the greater Griffiss Business and Technology Park including the AFRL Information Directorate, NY UAS Test Site, Innovare and the City of Rome’s Smart City infrastructure to enable complex but compelling experiments.


Proposed Recipient: Herkimer County
Project TitleEastern Mohawk Valley Regional Transmission Main
Recipient Address: 109 Mary Street, Herkimer, NY 13350
Amount Requested: $500,000
Explanation of Request:The project is a valuable use of taxpayer money since it will facilitate construction and implementation of the Eastern Mohawk Valley Regional Water Transmission Main. Several communities in Herkimer County along the Erie Canal (the Villages of Herkimer, Ilion, and Frankfort, and the Towns of Herkimer and Schuyler) are in need of a high quality, sustainable water source. Some communities require a primary water source while other participating municipalities require a redundant source. Implementing individual replacement or alternate source projects within each of the communities is far too large an expense for each municipality to undertake or implement individually. Cost sharing among the five participating municipalities to implement a coordinated, regional solution offers a comprehensive approach with widespread benefits and economies of scale spreading costs over a larger user base (serving 22,000 residents) to greatly lessen the burden while accomplishing a major, critical project.

Proposed Recipient: 
Oswego County
Project TitleRepair and Rehabilitation of the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse
Recipient Address: 46 East Bridge Street Oswego, NY 13126
Amount Requested: $900,000
Explanation of Request: The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds since the repair of the windows and roof is overdue for an area that averages over twelve feet of snow a year. The funding would be used repair the oldest public building in Oswego Country, the H. Douglas Barclay County Courthouse. Constructed in 1819 and as the oldest public building in Oswego County used for its original purpose, it is the focal point for the Village of Pulaski. It is also used as the site for the Town of Richland offices, satellite offices for the Department of Motor Vehicles, the County Health Department, and other local human services providers.

Proposed Recipient: 
Town of Vernon
Project TitleVernon Center Water District
Recipient Address: 4305 Peterboro Road, Vernon, NY 13476
Amount Requested: $3,000,000
Explanation of Request: This project is a valuable use of taxpayer money since Vernon Center residents have been suffering for years with horrible water conditions. Their well water has been contaminated with salt and the city now needs to bring city water to these residents. Without this funding these residents will not be able to receive affordable healthy, clean water.


Proposed Recipient: Village of Frankfort
Project TitleVillage of Frankfort, Water System Improvements
Recipient Address: 110 Railroad Street, Frankfort, NY 13340
Amount Requested: $3,000,000
Explanation of Request: This project is a good use of taxpayer money since concerns have surfaced over the risk of contamination of the town’s three groundwater wells due to a subsurface contamination plume found on the neighboring property, which was the site of the former Union Fork and Hoe. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has determined the former industrial property to be a Class 2 Site requiring action to mitigate the threat to public health and the environment. The Village has already had to decommission one of their groundwater wells after learning it had been contaminated and air stripping towers were installed to remove tetrachloroethane from the groundwater. These wells are the Village’s only water source and if this source were to become contaminated, the Village would not be able to provide water to its residents.


Proposed Recipient: Village of Marathon
Project TitleVillage of Marathon, Water River Crossing
Recipient Address: 18 Tannery Street, PO Box 519, Marathon, NY 13803
Amount Requested: $600,000
Explanation of Request: The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds since it would ensure the entire village has dependable access to water for drinking and fire protection. On December 12, 2020 the village experienced a break in the 80-year-old main under the river resulting in the entire village being out of water.


Proposed Recipient: Village of Sherburne
Project TitleVillage of Sherburne, NY Municipal/Rural Broadband
Recipient Address: 15 West State Street, PO Box 704, Sherburne, NY 13460
Amount Requested: $212,022
Explanation of Request: The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds since the village does not currently have reliable access to 10Mbps downloads. These upgrades would allow this small rural community to access greater educational/healthcare opportunities at an affordable cost.